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Vanessa Spina a Sport Nutrition Specialist (SNS) and the Best Selling author of Keto Essentials. She is an international speaker on the science of becoming fat adapted and optimizing body composition with lifestyle and nutrition. She is the host of the popular Optimal Protein (Formerly Fast Keto) Podcast, which has over 400,000 downloads/month and has been nominated twice as a top 3 Best Podcast at the Metabolic Health Summit. Vanessa recently completed a two year Biomedical Science program at the University of Toronto to deepen her comprehension of biochemistry and physiology. 

Vanessa founded Ketogenic Girl in 2015 which has an online social media audience of over half a million people between Instagram and Facebook, and several thousand people have done her popular KetogenicGirl Challenge program which serves to optimize metabolic health with nutrient dense real food nutrition.

Hi! I’m Vanessa Spina, the KetogenicGirl!

Thank you so much for stopping by! I am passionate about democratizing optimal metabolic health by translating the latest science on optimal wellness via lifestyle and real food nutrition. I hope that you find some resources through the free weekly podcast, the Tone device, or the books and programs that I have created. Connect with me on instagram @ketogenicgirl!

Sending you much love, warmth and encouragement on your wellness journey!


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