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Vanessa Spina a Sport Nutrition Specialist (SNS) and the Best Selling author of Keto Essentials. She is an international speaker on the science of keto and host of the popular Fast Keto Podcast, and is also a Biomedical Science student at U of T.

Vanessa founded Ketogenic Girl in 2015 which has an online social media audience of over half a million people between Instagram and Facebook, and several thousand people have done her popular KetogenicGirl Challenge program which serves to optimize metabolic health with nutrient dense real food nutrition.

My Story

Hi! I’m Vanessa Spina, the KetogenicGirl!

I am passionate about democratizing optimal metabolic health with real food nutrition.

My life completely changed the day that I discovered the Ketogenic Diet. After years of searching and failing, I finally found not only what worked best for my body but for my mind and soul as well! Keto has become a very successful way of life for me – I went from living most of my teenage and adult years at over 165+ pounds down to my dream weight all while enjoying delicious high fat foods and healthy proteins with very limited carbs and next to no exercise! It almost seemed too good to be true! I had always believed I would live without much fat or flavor in my life, keeping calories as low as possible which never worked for me. 


When I started I was doing what I thought was proper Keto and assuming I was losing weight... but gained 20 lbs! I started first on my own and then was following ketogenic meal plans from a source I trusted so gaining weight was the last thing I expected to happen. I don't have a ton of photos at my highest weight. Being 165+ I was so uncomfortable in my skin I would dive behind people or obstacles or just walk out of the room if anyone was taking full length body photos. With a 5'9" frame having an extra 30-40 lbs on me I felt like a huge brick wall. It wasn't until someone snapped this photo of my hubby and I on our anniversary that I finally realized how big I had gotten. I was forcing a smile and hating my body and feeling trapped in it. I say 165 + because I wouldn't get on the scale for so long. I knew something was off- clothes were somehow all shrinking... simultaneously. I was doing what I thought was a good Keto diet so I didn't ever expect to gain 20 lbs.

I was so unhappy I literally was in such deep denial that I waited until I had started Keto doing Keto properly for a few weeks and knew there was weight loss with the right ketone numbers on my glucometer (high ketones don't always mean weight loss is happening!) before getting on the scale and seeing 168 (so I likely was 170 before the fat loss actually started).

After months and months of trial and error - I made every mistake imaginable- I researched and even went back to school to study biochemistry and biomedical science - I started to figure out what actually works! On proper Keto, I FINALLY got RESULTS and figured out a formula that works.

There is no better feeling to me than feeling free and comfortable in your skin, except maybe helping others get to their health and weight goals. Having high energy and mental clarity. Restored to health and my body is most comfortable at 125-130 which is where my weight loss slowed and I feel best at. Confidence to pursue all of my wildest and craziest dreams. All while eating delicious, satisfying high fat foods and not working out like a mad woman every day. Who would've thunk it?!!

I am passionate about the power of food to not only satisfy and delight us, but to heal us. The power of food is so tremendously overlooked in our modern health framework and symptom driven rather than preventative medical framework. Real, nutrient dense food can be our best medicine. The power of healing from our food choices in each day is going to continue to be revealed as people vote with their money at the grocery store, voting for REAL FOOD and choosing high quality nutrient dense nourishment rather than processed food products.

The Ketogenic Diet is the most leading edge and exciting way of eating out there today. And it just makes sense. A high carb, high protein low fat diet treats carbohydrates as our main fuel source, and we are basically living off glucose, causing continuous blood sugar rises and crashes. This creates an a state of dependence on sugar throughout the day, and consistently elevated blood sugar levels which can lead to a large host of problems starting with insulin resistance.

Our bodies are actually optimized to burn fat for fuel which is why we are so good at storing it on our bodies! Breastmilk, the highest quality food in the world is full of essential fatty acids and amino acids our bodies need to thrive. The keto diet is incredible and is now showing promise not only for optimal health but therapeutic applications for disease as well as disease prevention. It has been used for over 100 years to effectively treat epilepsy, and is showing promise with managing and in some cases reversing poor metabolic health, obesity, insulin resistance, PCOS, Alzheimer's (now being increasingly called Diabetes of the ovaries and diabetes of the brain), heart disease, and more! 

I’m here to share some tips that helped me convert my body to an efficient fat burning machine by being fat fueled and keto adapted, as well as share what I learned through my mistakes over the years so that you can avoid those mistakes and reap all of the incredible benefits of keto! I do this with private coaching, meal plans, and tasty recipes!

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With love, warmth and encouragement,