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PODCAST: Fast Keto with Ketogenic Girl

Episode 26: How to Find Your Keto with Shawn Mynar, NTP

This is a really FUN and insightful episode with special guest Shawn Mynar, NTP and host of the Keto Show for Women! Vanessa and Shawn discuss emotional eating, eliminating cravings with regular blood sugar, intuitive eating, doing keto properly to balance female hormones, eating more instead of restricting as well as Shawn's personal journey to keto from a body building trainer and competitor  to healing her hormones and body and how she went from restrictive dieting for aesthetics, to whole foods keto for nourishing her health and optimizing body composition! Plus her tips on how women can build and maximizing strength! 

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Shawn's website and program the Fat Burning Female Project: http://www.shawnmynar.com/the-fat-burning-female-project/

Episode 25: Deeper Ketosis & Fat Burning with The Biohacking Keto Doc

This is an AWESOME, POWER PACKED episode all about getting deeper into ketosis! Join me and biohacking keto doctor Dr. John Limansky as we discuss using collagen in your coffee and why this is an awesome health hack, a higher fat ratio on keto and the high fat experiment John is doing, my 30 day carnivore trial, higher vs. lower ketones, eating more protein on keto and why we are both doing that now, how to do an elimination protocol like carnivore, time restricted eating and the latest studies and more! 

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Show Notes

Dr. Limansky's website: https://johnlimanskymd.com/

@johnlimanskymd Twitter & Instagram

Studies referenced: 


Episode 24: How to Do Elimination Diets with Cristina Curp

Auto immune reactions? This episode is a MUST-LISTEN if you have ever had any autoimmune conditions, symptoms, or curious about any lingering health issues you have not been able to successfully alleviate from traditional medicine and are interested in healing your body through nutritional interventions. Cristina Curp, former chef and blogger on the autoimmune protocol (AIP) with a paleo/keto twist, joins us today to explain exactly what AIP is, how do properly do elimination protocols, and how to re-introduce foods - which is the most important part! Cristina's new book Made Whole is coming out on July 17th!
Cristina's blog: https://thecastawaykitchen.com/

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Episode 23: Top Keto Tools with Dr. Ryan Lowery

'Protein-Ups', intermittent fasting, calorie cycling, carnivore diet, and SO MUCH MORE! This episode is all about optimizing cognitive function & body composition with ketosis! Author and speaker Dr. Ryan Lowery shares his favorite keto tools, and we dive deep into all of them and how to integrate them into your keto lifestyle! 

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Episode 22: How Fat Loss & Stable Mood Led to 9 Years on Carnivore with Amber O'Hearn

Amber O’Hearn has been following a carnivore diet for 9 years. She is a data scientist and has been studying and experimenting with ketogenic diets since 1997, and more recently writing and speaking about her findings. Her review on the evolutionary appropriateness and benefit of weaning babies onto a meat-based, high fat, low carb diet, was included as testimony defending Tim Noakes in his recent trial. Amber has been eating a carnivorous diet since 2009 and continues her research into the connection between gut permeability in assisting with both autoimmune conditions and mental health conditions.


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More on Amber:

@ketocarnivore on Twitter

@ambimorph on instagram

Empira blog: 


The Ketogenic Diet for Health www.ketotic.org/


Episode 21: How to Optimize Your Thyroid with Elle Russ

Elle Russ is the best-selling author of The Paleo Thyroid Solution (with in-depth commentary by a functional MD), & the main host of Mark Sisson's Primal Blueprint Podcast. Today we talk all things thyroid and how to optimize your thyroid function to have vibrant energy, easy fat loss, mental clarity, loss of over-sensitivity, clear skin, endurance in the gym, great digestion, happiness, and joy!

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Show Notes 


  • Getting to know Elle Russ, the author of The Paleo Thyroid Solution. [00:02:34]
  • Elle shares her journey to be the expert she is today. [00:04:43]
  • Synthetic thyroid medications and its current usage in America. [00:07:44]
  • Various symptoms Elle had. [00:08:35]
  • Elle shares how she found the solution she needs for her thyroid problems. [00:20:18]
  • Tests Elle most commonly recommends to people as a starting place. [00:25:38]
  • In some cases, paleo and keto does not work so well with people with Hashimoto's or thyroid issues. Is it related to too much carbohydrate restriction for some women or for certain cases? [00:32:00]
  • In your book, do you talk about more paleo or more low carb or more keto or can they all be applied to healing the thyroid? [00:41:33]
  • Why do you think so many people have had really good success with their thyroid and keto? [00:43:01]
  • In general, do you recommend a really gradual approach? [00:44:06]
  • Could you think about thyroid hormone replacement as more of a supplement than a medication? [00:48:39]
  • Elle's take on carnivore. [00:50:01]
  • Can you paint a picture for us of what health and life looks and feels like for you today having such an optimized thyroid? [00:59:05]
  • Where can people find out more about Elle's book and follow her online? [01:02:13]

Selected Links from the Episode

  • Keto Essentials: 150 Ketogenic Recipes to Revitalize, Heal, and Shed Weight by Vanessa Spina. https://www.amazon.com/Keto-Essentials-Ketogenic-Recipes-Revitalize/dp/1628602643
  • Subscribe on iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/ph/podcast/fast-keto-with-ketogenic-girl/id1344681226?mt=2 or your favorite podcast app.
  • Elle Russ website http://www.elleruss.com
  • Elle Russ on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/elleruss/
  • Elle Russ on Twitter https://twitter.com/_elleruss?lang=en
  • Elle Russ on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/_elleruss/?hl=en
  • Primal Blueprint podcast http://blog.primalblueprint.com
  • The Paleo Thyroid Solution on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Paleo-Thyroid-Solution-Fatigued-Uninformed/dp/1939563240
  • Free thyroid guide from Elle https://mailchi.mp/4317dbe343b8/thyroid-guide 

Episode 20: How I Improved my Thyroid, Lost The Weight & Got my Energy with Keto

Want more ENERGY, weight loss, and food freedom? Have an under-active thyroid? Curious to learn more about how Keto can increase energy, break through weight loss resistance and SO MUCH MORE? This latest episode with the founder of one of the largest Ketogenic diet resources online, www.Ketodietapp.com and the Keto Diet App, Martina Slajerova shares her story of healing her autoimmune hashimotos with a low carb and Keto diet! You probably already own 1-2 of her books (if not all of them as they are AWESOME), so tune in to hear her inspiring story and how she eats Keto now and her advice for anyone with thyroid conditions!

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Episode 19 of Fast Keto: Dr Shawn Baker the Carnivore Surgeon

Dr. Shawn Baker joins us today to talk about his Zero Carb, Carnivorous diet which he has been following for the past 19 months. We talk about the remarkable results and the key benefits he has gained from trying it out and continuing to follow it including healing his tendonitis he had for over a decade within several weeks. We discuss everything including the myths around eating excessive fiber & elimination on carnivore, his theories on why carnivore had become the optimal diet for himself and some others. A fascinating, MUST LISTEN episode!

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Episode 18 of Fast Keto: Turn on Your Brain & Supercharge Your Body with Keto

Celebrated ketogenic nutritionist and best selling author, Leanne Vogel is here sharing major insight in the pursuit of health. Vanessa and Leanne talk all about how to turn your brain on, heal and balance your hormones, "Carb Ups" and how they work and played a huge role for Leanne, and even the carnivore diet! Leanne has made it her mission to serve up keto free videos, The Keto Diet Podcast, recipes and keto-friendly resources on her blog, healthfulpursuit.com. 

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Show Notes



  • Robin Switzer talks about the super exciting things to expect on KetoCon Austin 2018. [00:03:27]
  • Introducing Keto Diet nutritionist/author/host, Leanne Vogel. Leanne talks about where people can see her during her upcoming book tour. [00:09:12]
  • Leanne talks more about her book and where she plans on touring to introduce it to people. [00:14:10]
  • Our keto nutritionist shares her journey to finding ketogenic lifestyle. [00:14:59]
  • Can keto help repair hormonal dysregulation in women? [00:27:04]
  • Discussion of what our body's compensatory mechanisms are in terms of cholesterol regulation. [00:30:42]
  • Tests Leanne recommends to people to do when they're looking at or they might suspect that their hormones could be off in any way. [00:31:14]
  • Is having hormonal balance different depending on the person? [00:33:39]
  • Leanne's take on managing hormonal imbalance through collaborating with physicians and following prescription medications. [00:38:54]
  • Do you recommend taking information to a hormone specialist and requesting specific tests to be done, or can they do it with a lab or online? [00:42:23]
  • What kind of doctor/specialist do Leanne recommend to people if they are looking to have their labs analyzed from a nutritional standpoint? [00:45:59]
  • What does keto mean to you? [00:47:40]
  • Leanne's opinion regarding carnivore keto diet. [00:50:40]
  • Is doing carb ups helpful with cycle and weight loss? [00:55:08]
  • Is there any concern with combining high fat and high carb? [00:56:53]
  • Leanne's message in relation to body love, body positivity, and self-love? [01:00:53]
  • What are three things that totally blew your mind that you learned from some of your guests on your podcast? [01:04:56]
  • Are there any influencers or people in the health space that inspire you more than others? [01:08:15]
  • If you could put a billboard out there for everyone to see what would it say? [01:10:08]
  • What are you really excited about right now? [01:11:35]
  • Leanne shares her diet styles and patterns. [01:13:37]

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Episode 17 of Fast Keto: Prioritizing Protein, Weird Food & Time Restricted Eating

This may be one of the most important episodes you listen to regarding protein intake on a ketogenic lifestyle! Hosted by Vanessa Spina, The Ketogenic Girl, this episode features Dr. Benjamin Bikman, an expert in metabolic disorder research. He has so much insight on the effect of protein on insulin and glucagon on a low carb diet and how different it is on our physiology then when consuming protein on a Standard American Diet (SAD) or high carb diets. We explore optimal fat burning, prioritizing protein intake, time restricted eating, and eating weird food! 

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Episode 16 of Fast Keto: Breaking Free of Perpetual Dieting with Real Food Keto


This week's episode is a special feature BONUS episode discussing my story breaking out of perpetual dieting and chronic cardio as a vegetarian on a high carb low to no fat diet, to finding health, food peace and freedom with a nourishing, real food ketogenic diet. This episode is an interview from the Ketovangelist podcast with Brian Williamson: "After getting a quick rundown of Vanessa’s past and background we dive deep into her present. She’s been keto for many years now, started before it was cool, and has found solutions for where ketonians often find they have issues. She shares her most commonly observed keto mistakes and possible solutions to make the most of your ketogenic lifestyle!

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Episode 15 of Fast Keto: My Carnivore Diet Experiment Results

SPECIAL BONUS PODCAST EPISODE THIS WEEK! My 7 day Carnivore Keto experiment results and observations! Join me, Vanessa Spina the Ketogenic Girl, and special guest - biohacking Keto Doctor Dr John Limansky! We delve into all things Keto including what is the right amount of protein to eat on Keto, dispel common gluconeogenesis myths, how blood glucose measuring is the most important measurement you can make and how it is connected to metabolism and health what higher or lower ketones mean for efficient ketone use and so much more!! Plus a brand new segment called the biohacking Keto hack of the week! 

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Show Notes Will Be Available Soon including the Full Transcript.

Studies on Grounding mentioned:






Episode 14 of Fast Keto: Out of Control Sugar Addiction & The Ketogenic Diet

Join Vanessa Spina the Ketogenic Girl this week as she speaks with Sugar Addiction specialist and registered nurse, Bitten Jonsson! They cover tons of topics including how sugar addiction develops, how it can be treated and cured, strategies for using a ketogenic diet to help with recovering from sugar addiction and avoiding relapse, and even the carnivore diet!

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Show notes pending, in the meantime here is the link to Bitten's facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1682784168624569  

Episode 13 of Fast Keto: Cutting Fat & Cravings with Carnivore Keto

Click below to listen to episode 13 of Fast Keto!

Tune in this week as Vanessa a.k.a the Ketogenic Girl, and Danny Vega - KetoCounterCulture do a deep dive on the carnivore diet! They chat about my experience this week trying carnivore or zero carb, cutting fat, adapting carnivore to keto, fat burning in keto vs carnivore, living without any cravings for carbs, how carnivore can benefit a carb sensitive person and much more!

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Episode 12 of Fast Keto: A Doctor's Guide to Keto & Shedding Fat with a Carnivore Diet

Click below to listen to episode 12 of Fast Keto!

Join Vanessa today talking to Dr. Ken Berry's best practices and tips for following a ketogenic lifestyle to revolutionize your health! We spoke about keto from a doctor's perspective and how he follows keto himself, including how he shifts between a carnivore diet to shed fat and goes back to keto as his main diet for maintenance. We discuss keto travel hacks, the best ways to build muscle, shed fat, and overall enhance your health so that you can pre-vent and in some cases reverse disease! Dr. Berry also discusses his new book, Lies My Doctor Told Me. (Click to View on Amazon)

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Episode 11 of Fast Keto: Your Burning Keto Questions

Click below to listen to episode 11 of Fast Keto!

This is a shorter episode solocast just answering some of the most popular questions that I get about Keto all about Keto- the basics of testing for ketosis, when to test and what to use, drinking on keto and how to do it, why diets and exercise do the opposite of generate weight loss and why Keto works so well to burn fat and get healthy as a lifestyle, the best way to get started with Keto as a beginner, and so much more! 

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Show Notes 


  • Ketogenic Girl answers burning questions about testing. [00:03:17]
  • When is the best time and frequency to test for ketosis? [00:10:06]
  • What's the best way to measure ketones? [00:13:35]
  • Can alcohol or drinking wine fit into a keto diet? [00:15:05]
  • Where and how to start as a beginner? [00:18:20]
  • What is 80-15-5? [00:26:53]

Selected Links from the Episode

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  • Fast Keto with Ketogenic Girl website http://fastketo.libsyn.com/website
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  • NEW! NO COOK Build Your Day Custom Meal Plans https://www.ketogenicgirl.com/products/new-no-cook-build-your-day-custom-meal-plans-with-printed-book
  • Keto Essentials: 150 Ketogenic Recipes to Revitalize, Heal, and Shed Weight by Vanessa Spina. https://www.amazon.com/Keto-Essentials-Ketogenic-Recipes-Revitalize/dp/1628602643
  • Finding Your Protein Threshold: The Key to Ketosis! March 21, 2018 Fast Keto Episode https://itunes.apple.com/ph/podcast/finding-your-protein-threshold-the-key-to-ketosis/id1344681226?i=1000407075885&mt=2

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Episode 10 of Fast Keto: How I Lost 120+ lbs with Simple Keto Featuring Best Selling Author Suzanne Ryan @KetoKarma

Click below to listen to episode 10 of Fast Keto!

Join Vanessa the Ketogenic Girl for this inspiring episode as she speaks with Best Selling author and keto Youtuber Suzanne Ryan, also known as Keto Karma! Suzanne lost over 120 lbs following a simple approach to a ketogenic diet. She just released a brand new book entitled Simply Keto and on this episode we discuss how she lost over 120 pounds keeping keto as simple as possible, how she follows keto and makes it work as a mom of a 5 year old daughter and wife to her husband, being a Youtuber and how she overcame food addiction to live an incredibly fulfilling life now sharing her journey to help others do the same!

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Show Notes 


  • Getting to know the author of Simply Keto, Suzanne Ryan. [00:07:11]
  • Suzanne's obstacles when she first started following a ketogenic diet. [00:09:59]
  • Exploring the results Suzanne got in the beginning. [00:11:41]
  • Unpacking the mechanisms behind the change and the commitment to the change and what is it that keeps people going when change is so hard for so many of us. [00:13:07]
  • How did our guest started and what kind of method did she follow? [00:14:21]
  • Suzanne's approach to ketogenic lifestyle and how it differs from other approaches. [00:16:48]
  • Did Suzanne initially create a caloric deficit? [00:18:51]
  • Of all the different things that you tried over the years, what do you think is the one thing that really worked for you? [00:21:24]
  • What does an average day of intuitive eating look like? [00:26:58]
  • Tips for moms to make ketogenic lifestyle work. [00:29:32]
  • What were the psychological shifts that our guest made in order to get away from food addiction? [00:40:51]
  • What was something that she found helped to work through the emotions instead of turning to food as a way to mask those feelings? [00:43:05]
  • If someone new is coming to keto, what are the top three or four tips that Suzanne would give them? [00:47:05]
  • The best purchase she has ever made for keto. [00:48:47]
  • What would you put on a billboard for people to see who might be struggling with their health or weight gain? [00:49:46]
  • Suzanne describes her book Simply Keto. [00:50:59]
  • Her top three favorite recipes from the book. [00:51:57]
  • What are some exciting projects or things that she's working on? [00:52:53] 

People Mentioned

  • Suzanne Ryan https://ketokarma.com/about/
  • Brené Brown https://brenebrown.com

Selected Links from the Episode

  • Keto Essentials: 150 Ketogenic Recipes to Revitalize, Heal, and Shed Weight by Vanessa Spina. https://www.amazon.com/Keto-Essentials-Ketogenic-Recipes-Revitalize/dp/1628602643
  • Subscribe on iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/ph/podcast/fast-keto-with-ketogenic-girl/id1344681226?mt=2 or your favorite podcast app.
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  • Ketogenic Girl website https://www.ketogenicgirl.com
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  • Ketogenic Girl on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ketogenicgirl/?hl=en
  • Suzanne Ryan on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ketokarma/
  • Suzanne Ryan on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ketokarma/
  • Suzanne Ryan on Twitter https://twitter.com/ketokarma?lang=en
  • Suzanne Ryan on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzZwYmKzjd38pHanRwbpy_A
  • Simply Keto on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Simply-Keto-Practical-Approach-Low-Carb/dp/1628602635
  • The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living by Phinney and Volek https://www.amazon.com/Art-Science-Low-Carbohydrate-Living/dp/0983490708 

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Episode 9 of Fast Keto: Optimize Your Keto Lifestyle With Biohacking Doctor John Limansky

Click below to listen to episode 9 of Fast Keto!

This episode is one of the best to date content wise! Join Vanessa and Dr. John Limansky, the bio-hacking doctor, to talk about the following hot topics in keto from a physician's perspective: protein thresholds, how to maximize fat loss, how to get excellent sleep, and other aspects of creating a well rounded keto lifestyle to maximize your health - the best forms of exercise for keto, managing light exposure, and stress reduction techniques that he recommends to his patients. It is a must listen episode, power packed with cutting edge information from a passionate physician bio-hacker!

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Show Notes 


  • Getting to know the Biohacking Doctor, Dr. John Limansky. [00:06:27]
  • Limansky's take on personal health advocacy. [00:07:41]
  • What does bio hacking mean to you? [00:08:29]
  • How did you find keto initially yourself? [00:09:42]
  • Do you also do biohacking with patients that you work with? [00:11:00]
  • What are some of your maybe top five favorite biohacks in terms of their overall impact? [00:12:09]
  • Limansky talks about an app he uses to measure sleep quality. [00:14:44]
  • Do you try to avoid some of the blue light effects from screens? Does that play a role into the sleep quality? [00:15:25]
  • Do sun blocks creams, etcetera really help? [00:17:51]
  • Supplement recommendation of Dr. Limansky. [00:19:55]
  • What is optimal ketosis for you? [00:22:08]
  • What are some of the benefits that you've gained from following a ketogenic lifestyle? [00:23:16]
  • What is this concept of gluconeogenesis? [00:25:45]
  • Do you ever change your diet, or have you found one that you are sticking to? [00:31:33]
  • How do you compare fasting and high protein? [00:33:24]
  • Ketones as the fourth macronutrient. [00:35:39]
  • Is fat loss guaranteed for someone when they're in keto? How does someone optimize for that? [00:38:11]
  • Limansky's recommendations to bring insulin levels down in order to start burning fat. [00:40:10]
  • What are some of the sort of exercises that you do in a day to day in order to optimize for body composition? [00:43:28]
  • Do you believe that someone has to have a caloric deficit if they're in keto in order to have fat loss? [00:45:26]
  • What are some of the tips that you give people in order to make sure for example they keep their electrolytes up? Is there an ideal sodium to potassium ratio on keto? [00:48:17]
  • What are some top tips you have for people who want to get into keto? [00:50:54]
  • What's the best purchase you've ever made for your ketogenic lifestyle? [00:53:02]
  • What would you put on a billboard for people to say about keto and biohacking? [00:53:59]

People Mentioned

  • John Limansky https://johnlimanskymd.com
  • Jimmy Moore http://www.livinlavidalowcarb.com
  • Marci Shimoff http://happyfornoreason.com
  • Shawn Baker
  • Satchin Panda https://www.foundmyfitness.com/episodes/satchin-round-2

Selected Links from the Episode

  • Keto Essentials: 150 Ketogenic Recipes to Revitalize, Heal, and Shed Weight by Vanessa Spina. https://www.amazon.com/Keto-Essentials-Ketogenic-Recipes-Revitalize/dp/1628602643
  • Subscribe on iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/ph/podcast/fast-keto-with-ketogenic-girl/id1344681226?mt=2 or your favorite podcast app.
  • Fast Keto with Ketogenic Girl website http://fastketo.libsyn.com/website
  • Ketogenic Girl website https://www.ketogenicgirl.com
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  • Ketogenic Girl on Twitter https://twitter.com/search?q=ketogenic%20girl&src=typd&lang=en
  • Ketogenic Girl on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ketogenicgirl/?hl=en
  • The Keto Hacking MD Podcast http://www.ketohackingmd.com
  • Oura Ring Sleep Tracker and Smart Ring with a Heart Rate Monitor https://ouraring.com
  • 28-day Ketogenic Girl Challengeketogenicgirl.com
  • John Limasky on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/JohnLimansky1MD/
  • John Limasky on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/johnlimanskymd/?hl=en
  • John Limasky on Twitter https://twitter.com/johnlimanskymd?lang=en

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Episode 8 of Fast Keto: Ketogenic Diets For Diabetes Management 101 

Click below to listen to episode 8 of Fast Keto

Join Vanessa Spina and diabetes expert Hanna Boëthius as they discuss ketogenic diets for diabetes. Hanna has lived with Type 1 Diabetes as her constant companion for 33 years, and it was as if her whole life fell into place when she started eating low carb in 2011. Since her wake up call concerning lowering carb intake with regards to exogenous insulin, she has gained much of her health back, thanks to simply eating the right things and nutrients for her body. 

Click here to listen on iTunes or the embedded link below: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/fast-keto-with-ketogenic-girl/id1344681226?mt=2

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Episode 7 of Fast Keto: Reversing PCOS, Insulin Resistance & Infertility with a Keto Diet! 

Click below to listen to episode 7 of Fast Keto 

This podcast is all things Keto and hormones! Vanessa speaks with hormone, PCOS and fertility expert Ximena DelaSerna and how powerful a keto diet can be for reversing PCOS, insulin resistance, restoring fertility, and optimizing your hormonal health and total health. Prepare to have all of your questions about PCOS, insulin resistance, fertility, estrogen dominance, and more answered in this fun and informative podcast!

Click here to listen on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/reversing-pcos-insulin-resistance-infertility-with-keto/id1344681226?i=1000407618783&mt=2

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Episode 1 of Fast Keto

Click here to listen to the VERY FIRST episode of Fast Keto! Get an idea of the format of the podcast going forward and what to expect from the show!

Subscribe on iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud and the ketogenicgirl.com newsletter to get notifications on the latest episodes!

Or play directly from here: 


Show Notes


  • Idea of what to expect from the show going forward. [00:00:16]
  • "Everything that I have learned has been just through my obsession with health and nutrition." [00:01:25]
  • Bill Karalash and the exciting topics of conversation with him for the next episode. [00:02:14]
  • Hot topic of exercise with keto. [00:02:57]
  • Format of the show. [00:04:20]
  • Ketogenic Girl's approach to ketogenic diet and how it will set Fast Keto Podcast apart from others. [00:06:50]
  • Keto hack of the week - How to avoid side effects of keto flu. [00:08:08]
  • Disclaimer [00:13:09]

People Mentioned

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Vanessa:       [00:00:00] Hey Guys! Welcome to Fast Keto. I'm your host, Ketogenic Girl.

[00:00:16] Hey Guys, welcome to my very first episode of this brand-new podcast which is called Fast Keto. I want to give you guys a bit of an idea of what the format is going to be like and what to expect from the show going forward. I've been wanting to do this podcast for a very long time and finally, just bit the bullet as they say and decided to launch.

[00:00:42] I'm super excited about some of the episodes that I'm going to be bringing you guys. Some of my favorite people in the keto space, other bloggers, other authors, other podcasters, experts in the field of whole foods nutrition and really just talking about the hottest topics on keto to provide helpful tips, tools, hacks to help you get the most health for your keto lifestyle.

[00:01:08] There's a lot of information on the internet about keto, which is amazing, but it can really lead to information overwhelm where we just don't really know. There's a lot of confusing topics, a lot of misinformation, a lot of contradictory information.

[00:01:25] I really like to be a detective in the space and kind of narrow down what are the real facts and what is the best information that we can find and distill that from speaking with people who are authorities in this space. Although I'm currently all self-taught, I did study nutrition courses in university and I am enrolled in a nutrition course at the moment. I have no formal nutrition education. Everything that I have learned has been just through my obsession with health and nutrition. I'm always looking to learn more. I mean the more we learn, the more we know, the better off we're all going to be in terms of learning about keto especially when it comes to disease prevention and optimizing our health.

[00:02:14] I am so excited about some of the people that are going to be featured on the podcast. The very first episode which we recorded this week and will be live next is with Bill Karalash. He is a certified trainer and sport nutritionist. We talked all about keto and how to do exercise with keto, the best kinds of exercise for keto, how keto and exercise can affect your hormones, how it can boost your results and really take your game to the next level. I had so much fun chatting with Billie about it. So, that's going to be a really fun episode. It's really going to be the inaugural episode of the show.

[00:02:57] Exercise is such a hot topic with keto because I always advocate that people really focus on the food when they're first trying to go low carb in keto. Pace yourself and transition slowly. I always emphasize people focus on that first and getting that down and then adding in exercise, which is really hard to do for people if you've been used to exercising all the time and you don't want to give up your routine. I totally get that. I myself completely quit exercise at first in terms of regimented scheduled gym workouts when I went keto because I really wanted to just focus on nailing the macros, nailing this lifestyle.

[00:03:37] I actually personally wanted to lose the fat first and then go work out. I just feel better when I'm body confident and so I lost all of my weight with just doing the diet, just doing my program alone. And then now, I'm adding back in all this great feeling movement and exercise and building more fat free mass and lean mass and that's going to optimize my body composition. I have some really fun goals set for that to gain about six pounds of muscle over the next year. Adding an exercise and learning about the best kinds of exercise for keto is going to be really fun and I love getting to share that with you guys as I'm learning about it as well.

[00:04:20] The format of the show is going to be some solo casts like this one where it's just me and you chatting and I'm sharing ideas or insights or things that I find relevant of the moment and things/hacks that I think will help you getting either into nutritional ketosis or just doing low carb high fat. Just sharing sort of ideas and tips as I said. These kinds of solo cast will probably be between 10 maybe 20 minutes at the most. And then, I'll interspersed those with interviews with experts like the one that I did with Billy this week. Interviewing some of my favorite people in the keto space is going to switch off between those two formats. We might also have some guests on who've had a positive experience themselves with reversing certain rare conditions or applying the keto diet to different things that we're trying to gather as much empirical evidence as possible to see how keto when it's done right can be really beneficial.

[00:05:28] There's new things all the time. It seems like when I was on my book tour I was hearing about people carrying their children's ADHD with it or narcolepsy. There's just so many different things that keto can actually address and help support. You know of some of the big ones but it's great to also learn about kind of more rare and interesting conditions where keto has been beneficial and supported recovery in that way. It's really going to be those kinds of formats, occasional special guests as well who are providing testimonies of things they've experienced with keto.

[00:06:03] What's really going to make my approach different I think from maybe other existing podcasts. There are so many fantastic ones out there that--. I'm a podcast geek. I love to geek out on podcasts every week. I listen to them when I'm walking, doing errands, working out at the gym. It's really my love of podcast that has made me want to do my own because it's such an intimate great way to connect with people and really just share pertinent information. It's something that can be done on a regular basis. I do a lot of YouTube videos and Instagram stories and those kinds of things, but podcasts are really really portable, and you can listen to them on your commute. You can't really do that as much or as easily with YouTube videos or other formats so I'm really excited about this format.

[00:06:50] I think the difference with me is really the fact I don't have the same formal background as other people do and a lot of my knowledge and experience has come from testing on myself. I love being my own guinea pig. A lot of my experience has come from people who reach out to me and share their experiences with keto or people who have joined the 28-day keto challenge. I've learned so much and learned constantly from people who are doing keto and sharing their stories and from our community.

[00:07:21] I think that my approach is just going to be similar to what I present already which is focusing on delicious healthy whole foods and getting all of our nourishment from real food. Our lifestyle and our keto lifestyle as easy and adaptable as possible to busy schedules which is similar to the format that I have in Keto Essentials, my new cook book, and in all my meal plans, everything. I try to make with the least amount of ingredients as possible, the least amount of prep as possible to make keto lifestyle workable so that we can adhere to it over a long term if that's something that's for you or if you're just kind of more low carb and maybe leaning into keto but you like to have recipe ideas and just learn more about it because you find it really fascinating and interesting.

[00:08:08] So, one tip I want to share with this very first podcast is just, if you want to avoid some of the side effects of keto flu when you're first going keto, you can have certain reactions or symptoms. You probably heard of keto flu. It feels like the flu which is where the name comes from, but people experience a whole range of different symptoms all the way to having none at all.

[00:08:32] I personally had no symptoms when I went keto. I didn't have any keto flu. The reason for that is because I had a very paced and gradual approach. That's really going to be the best thing for you if you are wanting to try keto or if you've been experiencing symptoms that you don't like. It's probably because you're rushing into it. This is one of my biggest challenges is I just want to do everything yesterday and I want to do everything and get the results and benefits and everything right away so it's really hard for me to pace myself.

[00:09:03] I did take my time over the years because I was learning. At first, I kind of went more and more low carb. I had given up sugar since I was in university so that had already been in place but then you know slowly going off artificial sweeteners to natural one. Bringing carbs down from the high carb zero fat model that I was eating. I gradually also reintroduced meat because I was vegan, so I went back to being a carnivore. So, everything was kind of gradual and paced. I found that the most important thing when going even--. Like going high carb to low carb or keto is a major major transition. It takes time for the body to adapt and you want to be gentle with yourself. You want your body to be able to build up new enzymes because you're going to be digesting a lot of healthy fats. You are going to be eating differently than you used to. You need to give your body TLC and a lot of love and patience when you're doing that.

[00:10:05] If you do do that, if you take your time say over five to six weeks, I talk about this a little bit in my free e-book on KetogenicGirl.com, where you pace yourself and slowly go off at say five to six weeks and you go down by 10 grams of carb per week and you do that every week going down by five to 10 grams depending on how much you have in your diet at the moment and then you also start to moderate protein a little bit and really focus on bringing that down just five to 10 grams per week over a five to six week period. If you're also supplementing with lots of high quality sodium because we lose so much sodium and electrolytes when we are transitioning to lower carbs and you stay hydrated and supplement with sodium and bone broth which is a fantastic supplement when you're making this transition. If you do those things you may not even experience any symptoms of keto flu at all. I've been there. I've seen other people also not experience it, so I know it can be done but you also can kind of give yourself time to learn all about this new lifestyle as you're doing it. And then, you don't have to be sort of ripping it all and doing everything overnight because you can kind of mess things up if you try to do things too quickly and you might get some hypoglycemia. You might get some uncomfortable symptoms or palpitations or other symptoms that are just not fun to deal with and unpleasant. The experience should be fun. It should be awesome. It should be exciting. It should be rewarding. There's no reason to ever feel less than great when you're following a whole foods diet with no sugar processed foods. If you've been sort of doing paleo for a while or low carb for a while, I still think that pacing yourself is going to be the best way to go to keto and avoid any kinds of uncomfortable symptoms.

[00:12:00] That's my tip and kind of keto hack of the week. This has been the very first episode. Thank you so much for tuning in. I'm really excited to be starting this podcast. Stay tune for when I release the episode with Billy in a few days. It's going to be all about the basics of exercise and keto. We don't get too complicated. We keep things really simple and relatable. We really delve into protein requirements for keto and building muscle mass at the same time. Just all of some of the biggest questions that people have about being able to train and build body mass and how to just make the most of their health, optimize their body composition, and all those wonderful things. So, keep an eye out for that. If you are as excited as I am about this new podcast, hit the subscribe button on iTunes and be sure to tune in for the next one. Thanks guys. Have a fantastic rest of your weekend. See you later.


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