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**Pre-Order: The Tone Device: Black & Rose Gold



Black & Rose Gold now available by February/March 2022!

Introducing the Tone Device by Ketogenic Girl. Now Available for PRE-ORDER and shipping in Feb/March 2022! Shipping WORLDWIDE! 🌎 

Pre-order the NEW mouthpiece accessories HERE.

Are You Burning Fat? The age old question can now be answered with the TONE device, a BRAND NEW wellness device designed to help you reach your health and fitness goals! The Tone is a breath acetone meter that can measure the level of fat burning your body is doing! 

Easy, Portable, Unlimited Testing!

Achieve Your Health and Fitness Goals with Effortless Ease Using the feedback from the Tone Device. 

Get Instant Feedback On Your Breath Acetone Levels and Fat Burning

The TONE lets you know if you have any acetone on your breath, which is a ketone detected on your breath. Research has shown that acetone is a biomarker for fat burning. It also displays a number indicating the amount of acetone so that you may track your progress! 

Achieve Your Health and Fitness Goals with Effortless Ease Using the Tone Device.

The TONE is a wellness device to measure breath acetone levels. This is not a medical device and as such is not approved for regulated by the FDA.

See full terms and conditions regarding refunds & exchanges prior to purchasing.